How to Find What Type of Laptop Battery You Want to Get

Laptop batteries, will slowly stop holding their charge. Eventually they'll need to be replaced, though it often takes years for them to reach this state. If your battery has reached this level, you can check and see what kind of battery you need depending on your laptop. One word of caution: It's always recommended to replace your battery with one from the company that made your laptop.

Where can I find battery models and what they look like?

The battery name is always on the battery itself. To identify it, remove the battery from the computer and check the label. Along with information such as country of manufacture and warning signs, there is a unique battery code. Depending on the manufacturer and the computer, the Battery Code consists of different letters and numbers. Here are the most popular models:

For brands HP / Compaq: There are three common model formats for HP batteries - (1) HSTNN-XXXX (exemple: HSTNN-DB5);(2) 9 digits,consists of letters and numbers, the last three preceded by a hyphen - (for exemple 933322-855 ; L02031-241 ; M02027-005) ;(3) Ew batteries like the battery code ending in xl (exemple: TT03XL ; SS03XL)
How to Find What Type of Laptop Battery You Want to Get
For Apple: axxxx - (exemple:A1964);
For Acer: asxxxxx; apxxxxx; acxxxx ;alxxxxx- (exemple: AS16A8K; AP18E8M;AC14B8K;AL14A32);
For ASUS: axx ;bxx ;cxx - (exemple: A41-x550a; B31N1912 ; C41N1727);
For Dell:alphanumeric and numeric sequences according to computer algebra (for exemple: KWWW4;H5CKD;6GTPY);
Fujitsu Siemens: - Battery Pack Code - (exemple:FPB0338S;FMVNBP236);
For Lenovo / IBM: FRU et numbers ATM - (for exemple 42T47292); 5B/SB (for example 5B10W51820 ;SB11B36284 );L18XXX L79XXX L20XXX (for exemple L18M3P72 ;L19M4PH3 ); 00HWXXX (for exemple 00HW0432 ; ) 01AVXXXX (exemple 01AV481 ; )
For MSI: bty-XXX - (exemple: BTY-L77);
For Samsung: AA-XXXXXX - (exemple: AA-PLPN6LB);
For Sony: Code vgp- psxx - (exemple: VGP-BPS24);
For Toshiba: character paxxxx (for exemple PA5212U-1BRS).
For HUAWEI: HBXXXXX - (for exemple HB299418ECW)
For XIAOMI: XXXXXW - (for exemple R15B01W ; G16B01W)
For Microsoft: gxxxxxxxh - (for exemple G3HTA040H ; G3HTA026H)
For Razer: Rxxx-xxxx - (for exemple RZ09-0093 ; RZ09-0270)

Battery voltage

Finding the Battery Code is still not enough to select the proper battery. The second parameter to note is its voltage. Depending on energy requirements, the battery voltage is 10.8v (or 11.1v - also compatible) and 14.4v (or 14.8v - also compatible). The voltage is closely related to the number of cells in the battery in general, a 10.8V battery has 6 cells and a 14.4V battery has 8 cells. Checking voltage parameters is one of the most important tasks. Although the prevailing value of laptop battery is 10.8v, sometimes high voltage patterns appear.

Also, the fact that one battery model (eg the popular as07b31 battery) may exist in two different voltage versions complicates the issue. Batteries are not interchangeable - low voltage batteries cannot be used with more demanding computers. The voltage can be checked as easily as its name - it is on the label, usually near the battery model, and its international mark is V (voltage).

Battery capacity

The third important parameter is capacity, usually expressed in milliamperes or watt-hours (milliamps or watt-hours). Strictly speaking, Mah is an appropriate measure of battery capacity. Also, 1ah means the device is capable of supplying 1ah continuous current for one hour. Instead, the Wh value indicates how long the battery can run in a single use (if we know the power requirements in watts, for example when the battery parameter is 48 Wh, a requirement of 20 Watts means that will provide approximately 2.5 hours of power to the computer). The rule is simple: the higher the MAH/Wh, the longer the runtime. Increased capacity batteries usually have an initial capacity of 4400 mAh (48 Wh) and are usually obtained from six batteries (10.8 v).