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How to Find What Type of Laptop Battery You Want to Get


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Battery for MSI Laptop

Replacement battery for your MSI Laptop model to fix your broken laptop!

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Why my MSI laptop battery doesn't charge when plugged in

These are the reasons:
1 . The power supply is not working properly.
2 . Incompatible battery driver
3 . The battery may be damaged.
4 . The charger may be damaged.

1. The power supply is not working properly

Your power supply is important for charging your MSI laptop. If you have a bad one, it will affect the charger and it will not charge your laptop.

If the power outlet is faulty or damaged, it will not work properly. It may send a lower voltage to your MSI laptop and may damage your MSI laptop battery and charger over time.

You should check your power outlet. You can also try a different power outlet to see if there is the same problem.

2. MSI Battery drive is not compatible

To ensure that your MSI laptop works properly, it requires drivers. You need to install a battery driver before the charger can charge your computer.

If your battery is damaged, your MSI laptop will not charge even when plugged in. You need to uninstall and reinstall the battery driver before you can start charging again.

If the battery on your laptop is damaged, you can fix it by updating the driver.

3. Your battery may be damaged.

Your MSI laptop charger is not working. This may be because there is a problem with your MSI laptop battery . May not work correctly when inserted.

If you think your MSI battery is broken, take it out. Check if it has any liquid leaks or if the battery is inflated. If your laptop battery is built-in, then you need to open your laptop with a screwdriver to check it properly.

If your battery starts to leak or swell, you need to replace it with a new one. If your battery looks good, you need to check if the charger is damaged.

4. Your charger may be damaged.

If your laptop does not charge when plugged into a power source, you should check the charger. Check all other options listed earlier and check the charger if it still doesn't work.

Your charger is really important. It needs to be in good condition to properly charge your MSI laptop.

If your MSI computer is partially damaged or damaged, it will not charge. You can fix this issue by purchasing a new charger.

You should test your phone with a friend's charger to see if it works. If so, you don't need to buy a new one.