Why Buy From HP-Battery.com ?

Don't be fooled by cheap batteries.

HP-BATTERY sells only batteries with the highest quality components inside the battery pack, which provides a usual service life of 3 to 5 years (300-500 recharge cycles). Go to our homepage for the latest, highest quality laptop batteries.

HP Laptop Battery

Not all laptop batteries are created equal. There is a huge difference in quality between battery makers.

Most people are familiar with the quality differences of alkaline batteries versus heavy duty batteries. Alkaline batteries cost twice as much as Heavy Duty batteries but alkaline batteries last 10 times longer.

Computer batteries have a similar variation in quality. Cheaper laptop batteries use inferior, low grade battery materials that have a service life of 3 to 6 months. In addition, low-end batteries have an out-of-the-box failure rate as high as one in five.

If you are trying to minimize your costs, quality in battery materials represents the classic case where cheaper cost more and quality cost less.

It takes 6 low end batteries with a 6 month life to match 1 of our batteries with a typical 3 year service life.

What's inside a computer battery pack is what determines the quality.

Today, just about every name brand computer battery is assembled in China including us. But the key to quality is the components inside the battery pack. Especially the lithium-ion cells that actually hold the energy as well as the circuit board that transmits the data from the battery in communication with your laptop.

An battery from HP-BATTERY features these key components:

  • The longest running lithium-ion battery cells from Samsung.
  • The industry's best computer battery circuitry from Texas Instruments.
  • Hand assembled with ISO quality checks along the way.
  • A Full 1 Year warranty!

These components are the key ingredients to a computer battery that has a long run time as well as a longer service life. Our batteries are not only equal to your original battery, but often times are even better.

With superior energy capacity, our mAh (MiliAmp hour and WHr ratings) often exceeds that of your original battery. (The higher the number, the better the run time). In any case, they will work flawlessly.

Every battery HP-BATTERY.com sells:

  • is individually tested before it leaves the factory
  • has passed the CE Certificate Approval Safety Standard
  • is backed by a full 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.


All batteries and AC adapters sold by HP-BATTERY.com carry a 30-day money back guarantee.

We are so confident in the quality of the batteries we sell that we will pay all shipping costs to exchange within 30 days of purchase date, and replace a battery purchased from us if the battery fails to perform. To return a battery purchased from us, please contact our EXPRESS HELP staff according to the instructions noted in our RETURN POLICY.

Of course, you may return it for refund instead of a replacement, as well.


Each battery and AC power adapter is backed with a full 1-year warranty. Some laptop makers have shortened their battery warranties to just 90 days. Not us. If your battery fails to function during its first 1 year of use, we will send a replacement at no charge. The warranty does not cover shipping costs if a warranty replacement is required. This warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty does not apply to batteries that have been subjected to abuse or modified in any way, including changing the Windows operating system software on your laptop. Warranty is void if the warranty sticker has been removed from the laptop battery, or, if any internal components have been altered or modified.


If your battery or adapter fails within the first 30 days of receiving it, we will send a no-charge replacement and a prepaid return label to return the defective battery to us. After 30 days from your invoice date, your purchase falls under a warranty replacement. We will send you a no-charge replacement battery or adapter if the product fails to perform. The warranty covers the cost of replacing the defective battery or adapter but does not cover the shipping costs. Customers are responsible for shipping charges back to HP-BATTERY.com and also for the shipping on the replacement battery.

Warranty replacement covers defects in materials or workmanship only. Gradual loss of charge capacity is normal for rechargeable batteries. A 70% charge capacity remaining after 1 year is considered normal and is not a defect and is not subject to a warranty replacement.

Warranty claims should be initiated by contacting the HP-BATTERY.com EXPRESS HELP staff for a Return Authorization Number.

We are only able to process Warranty claims in the United Stated and Canada.


Laptop power and batteries in general can be confusing.

HP-BATTERY offers free phone support 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Time. Power problems with laptops can be due to malfunctioning batteries, under-powered AC adapters and mis-calibrated battery software inside your laptop. Knowledgeable support staff is available to assist you.