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battery for Xiaomi Mi 171502-AI

Replacement Battery for Xiaomi Mi 171502-AI 3620mAh 15.2V

  • $78.97 $96.34
  • Brand New 100% + 2 years warranty + 30 day money back!
  • Availability : In stock

    Battery Type : Li-ion

    Voltage : 15.2V

    Capacity : 3620mAh

    Color : Black

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laptop battery for Xiaomi Mi 171502-AI

Laptop Charger & Adapter for Xiaomi Mi 171502-AI

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  • Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection Circuits built in ages your equipment !
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Xiaomi Mi 171502-AI battery specifications
Availability: In stock
Battery Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 3620mAh
Voltage: 15.2V
Useful Life: 300-500 recharges
The condition of the product: Band New
Warranty: 12 Months
The condition of the product: Band New
Guarantee: 12 Months
RoHS compatible: YES
ReachG compatible and certified: YES
ChemG compliance with all prohibited substances: YES
Battery law complied: YES
Quality assurance program according to ADR YES
Safety tests according to UN38.3: YES
Aircraft approved according to IATA YES

HP-Battery is a trusted US site, 15 years of experience in batteries and chargers

By purchasing xiaomi Mi 171502-AI battery here you buy quality and benefit from the expertise of a store in the US, order tracking and quality after-sales service.

With this new replacement Mi 171502-AI battery, regain the performance of your device as in the first days.

  • The battery for xiaomi Mi 171502-AI is new and made from quality cells.
  • It is 100% compatible with your original battery.
  • Long lifespan - Lithium Technology without Memory Effect.
  • Protection against: Short circuits, Overheating, Overvoltages. Security and Reliability.
  • mAh capacity may be different. The more mAh it has, the higher its autonomy will be.
  • This xiaomi Mi 171502-AI battery product has passed international ISO9001, RoHS and CE certification.
  • This xiaomi battery that we offer you is of industrial quality.
  • This Mi 171502-AI battery has higher capacity and reliability than the competition.

For all batteries the difference of 2 volts in voltage is negligible. Compatibility with your old xiaomi Mi 171502-AI battery is therefore assured.

The brands indicated on the site are the exclusive property of their depositary. Any mention of brands or models for Battery xiaomi Mi 171502-AI , photos is made in order to identify the items for which our products are compatible and adaptable.

xiaomi Mi 171502-AI battery at the best price at HP-Battery!

What are the basic maintenance tips to make your xiaomi battery last?

Give your laptop Mi 171502-AI battery a long life with some maintenance tips to reduce wear and tear on your battery.

Avoid overheating your xiaomi Mi 171502-AI battery

We advise you not to use your laptop on your lap or on a flat surface. This prevents your device from cooling down.

It is also strongly advised not to constantly recharge your battery to keep it at 100%. It is better to wait until your battery is discharged to less than 50% to put it back on charge.

For some older laptop models, it is necessary to unplug your power charger once your battery has been charged. This helps prevent possible overheating of your Mi 171502-AI battery. Today, more and more laptops manage the battery charge correctly: it is no longer essential for you to perform this manipulation.

Store your laptop without its Mi 171502-AI battery

We do not recommend that you store your laptop with a completely discharged battery (even for a few days).

A xiaomi Mi 171502-AI battery wears out even when not in use! The most drastic solution to save the battery, is to unplug it when your laptop is used with the AC adapter. In this case, store your battery in a cool, dry place. The battery should be charged and used once a week.

Optimizing Your Laptop's Components

If your laptop has an LCD screen, the first action to take is to optimize its charge by lowering the brightness of your screen. Remember: the brighter it is, the more it consumes. In the same way, the elements related to the graphic display are the most energy-intensive. To play online or watch a DVD film, it is recommended to connect your laptop to the mains socket.

Fit Machine Models:

  • Xiaomi 171502-AB
  • Xiaomi 171502-AD
  • Xiaomi 171502-AI
  • Xiaomi 171502-AK
  • Xiaomi 171502-AM
  • Xiaomi 171502-AN
  • Xiaomi 171502-AO
  • Xiaomi gaming laptop 8th gen i7Intel
  • Xiaomi Gaming Laptop 7300HQ 1050Ti
  • Xiaomi Gaming Laptop 7300HQ 1060
  • Xiaomi gaming laptop i7 gtx 1060
  • Xiaomi GTX1060 Intel I7
  • Xiaomi Mi 171502-AA
  • Xiaomi Mi 171502-AI
  • Xiaomi Mi 171502-AK
  • Xiaomi Mi 171502-AN
  • Xiaomi MI GAMING 15.6 INCH
  • Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 2019
  • Xiaomi Mi GTX1050Ti/1060
  • Xiaomi Mi Notebook 15.6 TM1705 TM1801
  • Xiaomi TM1705
  • Xiaomi TM1801

Compatible with numbers:

  • Xiaomi 4ICP4/63/92
  • Xiaomi G15B01W
  • Xiaomi G15BO1W
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