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Notebook battery for HP Chromebook 14-X040NR

Battery for HP Chromebook 14-X040NR 37 Wh 11.4 V

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  • Brand New + 1-Year Warranty + 30 day money back!
  • Availability : In stock

    Battery Type : Li-ion

    Voltage : 11.4 V

    Capacity : 37 Wh

    Color : Black

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Laptop Battery Warranty
laptop battery for HP Chromebook 14-X040NR

Laptop Charger & Adapter for HP Chromebook 14-X040NR

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  • Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection Circuits built in ages your equipment !
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HP Chromebook 14-X040NR battery Specifications
Availability: In stock
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Capacity: 37 Wh
Voltage: 11.4 V
Color: Black
The condition of the product: Band New
Guarantee: 12 Months

37 Wh 11.4 V Battery Pack for Chromebook 14-X040NR

The 37 Wh 11.4 V HP Chromebook 14-X040NR original laptop battery is made of high-quality lithium-ion battery cells,With high-quality battery cells and materials, your laptop will run longer and more secure..

Our HP Chromebook 14-X040NR laptop battery which we design is in strict accordance with the highest control standards. It carries with a smart interior circuit board that provides battery-unbalanced-shut-off protection, thermal runaway protection, overcharged protection, over-discharged-shut-off protection, and high/low-temperature-shut-off protection. HP Chromebook 14-X040NR notebook battery is made of environmentally friendly materials, without lead and mercury. It is certified as a safe and reliable product through a series of rigorous tests on the HP examine system.

When Can I Receive my 37 Wh 11.4 V Battery ?

Because battery for 37 Wh 11.4 V is sensitive items, they need to be transported by special cargo flights. So the transportation time is relatively long, Please wait patiently.

In USA(United States) ------About 5~10 Business Days (By DHL/USPS)
Services in remote areas such as affiliated islands are not provided, military addresses and PO BOX and other email addresses are not accepted; the postcodes for remote areas are as follows: 006-009 PUERTO RICO AND VIRGIN LSLANDS ; 966-969 HAWAIIAND GUAM ; 995-999 ALASKA etc..

Europe (France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom} ------ About 7~15 Business days

Other Country(Thailand , Singapore, Malaysia , Australia , Korea , Canada , Brazil , India) ------About 9~17 Business Days

Except for the countries listed above, we do not accept orders from other countries

Fit Machine Models:

  • HP Chromebook 14 14-x010nr Series
  • HP Chromebook 14 CD570M 14.0 16GB/16 PC
  • HP Chromebook 14 CD570M 14.0 32GB/32 PC
  • HP Chromebook 14 CD570M 14.0 4GB/16 PC
  • HP Chromebook 14 CD570M 14.0 4GB/32 PC
  • HP Chromebook 14 G3
  • HP Chromebook 14 G3 PCNB
  • HP Chromebook 14-2015la LTNA
  • HP Chromebook 14-X001TU
  • HP Chromebook 14-X002TU
  • HP Chromebook 14-X003TU
  • HP Chromebook 14-X004TU
  • HP Chromebook 14-X005TU
  • HP Chromebook 14-X006TU
  • HP Chromebook 14-X007TU
  • HP Chromebook 14-X008TU
  • HP Chromebook 14-X010CA
  • HP Chromebook 14-X010NR
  • HP Chromebook 14-X010WM
  • HP Chromebook 14-X013DX
  • HP Chromebook 14-X015WM
  • HP Chromebook 14-X020NR
  • HP Chromebook 14-X021DS
  • HP Chromebook 14-X022DS
  • HP Chromebook 14-X023DS
  • HP Chromebook 14-X030NR
  • HP Chromebook 14-X040NR
  • HP Chromebook 14-X050NR NOTEBOOK PC

Compatible with numbers:

  • HP BO03XL
  • HP 751895-1C1
  • HP 752235-004
  • HP 774159-001
  • HP 773836-1b1
  • HP 773836-1C1
  • HP 774159-001
  • HP TPN-Q137
  • HP TPN-Q152
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