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Hot Selling BTC_B250C Motherboard Mining(specially designed for mining, stable, efficient and cheap)

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  • B250C Motherboard BTC Mining 12 * PCIE to USB3.0 Graphics Card Slot LGA1151 Support DDR4 DIMM RAM Computer Motherboard
  • Availability : In stock

    Model : BTC_B250C V1.0 12P 1X

    Zócalo de CPU : LGA 1151

    Tecnología de memoria RAM : DDR4

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BTC B250C Desktop Motherboard Specifications
Model: BTC_B250C V1.0 12P 1X
Chipset: Intel B250 PCH
CPU socket: support LGA1511 CPU
Memory Support: Dual channel DDR4
Dimm: 2 * Memory Slots(Max.up to 32GB total)
LAN: Realtek 10M/1000Mbps Ethernet
MainBoard interface: 3-in-1 audio , 6*USB2.0 , 4*USB3.0 , 1*RJ45 , 1*PS2 or PC2 , 1*VGA , 1*DVA , 2*USB3.0 , 4*USB2.0 expansion , RTC Timing Switch
under windows , the recommend combination: 6N+6A
8N+4A or 8A+4N
7N+5A or 7A+5N
Intergrated Graphics Card: Intergrated HD Graphics
Support: Support 12 graphics cards
Packae List: 1×12 GPU LGA1151 B250C-BTC Motherboard(not included the button battery)

About BTC_B250C V1.0 12P 1X Mining Motherboard:

  • 1. Innovative design, convert PCIE 1x directly to USB3.0 interface, reduce intermediate transmission links, reduce cost, reduce signal attenuation, and make long-term continuous work more stable
  • 2. Upgrade to HDMI compatible high definition display interface, convenient and convenient
  • 3. B250C BTC Mining Motherboard supporting 6th and 7th Generation Core processors, LGA1151 is easy to use, low cost, low investment, and efficient mining
  • 4. This product uses high quality materials, is durable, has a long service life, and is firm and stable in use.
  • 5. 12 USB3.0 port expansion, plug and play, convenient and trouble-free

Before placing an order:

  • 1. Condition: Brand new BTC_B250C motherboard, as shown in real shots.
  • 2. We will complete 100% testing before shipment.
  • 3. Packing list: 1 x motherboard(BTC_B250C) (not including battery and other parts)
  • 4. Please make sure you have purchased the correct motherboard to ensure 100% compatibility with your other hardware.
  • 5. We have been doing our best to provide every customer with the best service and reliable products. Please contact us to solve the problem before leaving negative feedback!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. When you buy our products, you will get quality service and fast transportation.


  • 1. Receipt the goods, check the appearance and sign for it.
  • 2. Be sure to light up before installing the miner. Don't use junk power to test the motherboard.
  • 3. The 24 of the motherboard and the 4P8P of the CPU power supply must not be connected incorrectly, otherwise the power supply will be burned.
  • 4. If the machine is not turned on, you can clear the BIOS and use an eraser to store the golden finger and change the slot.
  • 5. Recommend the best CPU: 6th and 7th generation G3900 (the cheapest will do)

All BTC B250C Desktop Motherboard Motherboards tested before shipping

  • 1. set up CPU & RAM. Power on to test if the screen work well.
  • 2. Installed with fan, battery, keyboard, sound card, network card turn on to check if bios number correct.
  • 3. Music playing to check audio and earphone plug ok.
  • 4. See if battery can normally charge and discharge.
  • 5. Then touch pad, usb slots and all lights.
  • 6. Run 3D mark
  • 7. Restart the Windows.

Delivery Time:

Stock in hand: 10-15 days after receive the payment


We can provide DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS and HongKong Post.

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